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JACL policy; attachment included in Correspondence from JACL (F3729_56_005a-F3729_56_005c)

Resolution by the Japanese American Citizens League; attachment included in Correspondence from JACL (F3729_56_005a-F3729_56_005c)

Sections: Early program activity; Philippine evacuees; Repatriates; Reception operation; Handling of individual cases; Unaccompanied children; Services to repatriates; Termination of program; Size of program

Plan to resettle children without their parent or guardian

Summary by D. S. Myer of considerations for resettlement; Sections; Realignment of Responsibility for Financial Assistance, General Considerations, Determination of Eligibility and Amount of Grants, Approval or Disapproval of Applications, Payment of…

Policy surrounding establishment of residency within a specific county

Policy surrounding relocation of children and other family members of detainees from Tule Lake

Summary of agreement for the Department of Social Welfare to assist in performance of duties and for reimbursement of costs by the Federal Security Agency

Summary of communication with the Pacific Area American Red Cross and the War Services Division regarding the Red Cross's role in resettlement

List of bulletins and circular letters relating to procedures published and distributed to counties

Newsletter, update on War Services Program; Sections: Civilian Relief; Assistance to Enemy Aliens

Report on number of cases; Sections: Active Cases; Service Cases; Closed Cases"; for similar report see F3729_73_002

Report on number of cases; Sections: Active Cases; Service Cases; Closed Cases"; for similar report see F3729_73_001

Manual for University students relating to defense activities; Chapters: The Role of the University or College in the Program of Civilian Defense, Organization of the On-Campus Program for Civil Defense, Preparing Buildings for Maximum Protection,…

Summary for community responsibility during resettlement; Sections: Opportunities Required by Resettlers; How Communities Can Cooperate; National Agency Cooperation; Attachment: National Voluntary Agencies Cooperating with the War Relocation…

Federal review of War Services; Sections: Fiscal Estimates; Enemy Alien in Los Angeles County; Use of Resettlement Assistance Funds for Dental Care in Santa Clara County; Non-resident Japanese; War Surplus Property; Tambara case, Los Angeles County;…

Summary of meeting which discussed the housing shortage and lack of employment opportunities as well as the possibility of extending time resettlers may receive aid

"A guidebook for local activities for defense and democracy" by the Council for Democracy

Bulletin from Martha A. Chickering to County Boards of Supervisors, County Welfare Departments, and County Auditors regarding ineligibility for certain public assistance programs
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