California State Government and Incarceration of Japanese Americans During World War II

During World War II, 120,000 Japanese Americans and residents of Japanese descent were incarcerated as a result of Federal Executive Order 9066.  While incarceration of Japanese Americans was primarily a Federal action, the California state agencies had a significant role in the removal process.  Archives staff has searched various state agency collections in the California State Archives to create a topical collection of materials concerning Japanese American incarceration and the role of State Government.  Funding for this project was provided by the California State Library’s California Civil Liberties Public Education Program Grant.


This exhibit is broken into six main categories: Exclusion, Mass Removal, Public Sentiment, Incarceration, Resettlement, and Reparations/Redress.  To navigate between pages, use the sidebar to the right. You may also move backward or forward by one page within the exhibit using the arrows at the bottom of each page.  Clicking on an image will enlarge it in a new page.  To return to the exhibit, use your browser's back button.  Search or browse the entire collection of digitized materials by following the links at the bottom of each page. 


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